Grey Area Entertainment


Grey Area Pictures

Grey Area Pictures is an independent film production house that focuses on the knowledge of the unseen. With extreme care these visual offerings are grown from pre to post production in a singularly creative environment with love and light. The company is helmed by C.R. Sheehan who oversees all steps of the production process from start to finish with an ever present attention to detail. The vision begins with a loose trilogy of short films that examine death, unrest, destiny, love, light, good, and evil.

Akashic Vibration Records

Akashic Vibrations Records uses music to fine tune our listeners in preparation to move together into the fourth density. Mahatma Crowley leads the label with his brand of Occult Hip-Hop that succeeds in sound and content. We combine lyricism and eclectic instrumentation to deliver insightful genre bending projects. By aiming to make music for us, we offer an honest portrayal of their environment, the times, and ourselves. Because why wouldn't we want to make music that means something?

Decypher Designs

Decypher Designs delivers state of the art web design by focusing on how the human psyche navigates and consumes media on The Internet. Our creative design meets instinctive functionality to bring you beautiful aesthetics that are effortlessly navigable for your users to access. Our additional branding and social media skills help give your brand the personality it will need to build a community. We make sure to keep it simple so it's never too hard for you following to decipher.

Guerrilla Benevolence

Guerrilla Benevolence is an autonomous charity group executing vigilant acts of kindness funded by our collective. As we continue to grow we realize that the cornerstone to our is experience is that with great opportunity comes great responsibility. Through our campaigns we give back, because we have gotten so much. Art can touch people in obscure ways, but action can touch people directly. We must be the change that we want to see, and you can see us @gbvLOVE on social media outlets.

Occult Company

Occult Company Clothing was forged from the spirits of seven beings of mystery. These beings came together to reveal signs and symbols that have existed since the dawn of time. Through their offerings the secrets of space/time are subtly uncovered for the world to see and begin to understand. Through brand nameless clothing, low cost product, and subtly complex designs, we stay true to our ideals of originality and individualism. The symbols are ours, the interpretation is yours.

Meticulous Wanderings

Meticulous Wanderings takes us on the path of The Traveler, one who breathes for new places and the inextricably linked people and experiences that come along with them. It's a peacefully chaotic account of a nomadic drifter's adventures in an ambiguously precise travel log, dedicated to those who are only particular about never being particular and take every new day in stride. As we see the wonders of both nature and civilization we must remember it is not the destination but the journey that makes us who we are.

The United States of Babylonia

The United States of Babylonia catalogs ancient mysteries and conspiracy theories. Lies have become the currency of the times. They have wrapped themselves in deception, and hidden away in deceit. It is easier to hide from fact then face it. We are here to reveal the esoteric truths of the ages, and illuminate the falsehoods and fallacies of the modern construct. Through our work we hope not to destroy our world, but instead to restore the place that was intended by our forefathers.