Grey Area Entertainment


Since the dawn of thought man has used symbols to express himself. Grey Area Entertainment is no different and our symbol is known as The Beholder’s Mark.

Our symbol is, at it’s basic, level a triangle divided into three equal parts. While the triangle itself has many other hidden meanings we use it to represent the nature of existence. While most view life as simply black and white we know that things are much more complicated.

Any two opposing forces are extremes of each other. Good and evil, bravery and fear, dependence and independence, moral and immoral, sane and insane, honest and dishonest, life and death. These are all extremes. Between any two extremes there exists a midpoint where you are neither good nor evil. This midpoint is understood as The Beholder’s Line.

When you arrive at this point you are free to see both sides, omnipresently, to decide who it is you want to be. When you walk The Beholder’s Line you have attained a state of divine neutrality where destiny lies in the heart and mind of The Beholder. It is at that point we are truly in control of our own lives and we feel neutrality is just as integral to existence as the extremes themselves.

That’s why our symbol is comprised into three parts: the good, the bad, and the neutral. Black, white, and grey. We believe the balance found within The Beholder’s Mark creates a grey area where we should all aim to live our lives to gain an understanding of all opposing forces and viewpoints.

Grey Area Entertainment comes to you from the center of that understanding.