Grey Area Entertainment


Musician, Filmmaker, & Writer
Grey Area Pictures

Mahatma Crowley. Beholder’s Line. Horus The Third. Wickedest Wildman. Young Sun One. The Last Prince of Mystery. These are just a few of the titles by which you may know C.R. Sheehan. Thrust into this world, he currently resides in Manhattan by way of Small Town, New Jersey. His roots in the suburban bubble could have paralyzed his mind, but his thirst for new experiences showed him the vast counterpoint.

Growing tired of the repetitive habits of modern man's daily routines, he used his mind as a portal to the farthest reaches of The Universe. Along the line, though, his mind turned him into one of the people he tried to escape from. Yet all hope was not lost. In young adulthood he realized that he is not the object that the universe revolves around, but instead just an atom in the universal element. No matter what he did, the brutal truth was that anything he achieves will only be half as great as what he hoped.

At the age of 18, he finally found his mission. Through visions and dreams, he learned that he had been engineered in the year 2777 from the last fertile man and woman on the dying planet of Terra. Using what little resources and energy they had left, our future descendants sent back a team of scientists to implant the child into the most vibrationally balanced man and woman on the planet. Now living in The United States of Babylonia, his mission is to make sure he never comes to exists.

Lost in thought for a few years after the startling revelation, he has begun to take action. His plan is not a new one: Utilize the media to influence the minds of the masses. Through his projects and presence he hopes his positive messages will poise a stark contrast to the one dimensional, self-absorbed, violent, oversexed propaganda that is being used by the The Few to control this culture. Through love and light we will finally come together in unison to elevate our consciousness to a universal level. All is One, One is All. He will not rest until he has fixed the future.

Designer, Photographer, & Social Vigilante
Guerrilla Benevolence

As a first-generation American Indian, Manish experienced, first hand, the effects modern culture has on a newly immigrated family in America. Growing up in the small town of Yonkers, he witnessed gang-related deaths and violence right from his bedroom window and soon realized that this world is a jungle and only the most cunning and fittest can survive – unless we make it a point to have regard for our own kind. He found solace in taking apart electronics and delving into the intricacies involved with creating these devices that dominate our everyday life.

With his skills quickly developing, and the growing popularity of the World Wide Web, he discovered his love for web and graphic design, using his childhood observations to create, share, and inspire those around him. Like every other human walking this Earth, Manish knows he has a story to tell. He believes that everyone in this world can collectively work together to reach the universal goal of self-realization and is using his knowledge of psychology and design to reach out to those who desire it.

Nomadic Drifter, Avid People Watcher, & Thrill Seeker
Meticulous Wanderings

Our lives are a long winding path. The Traveler brings this new meaning. A folklore to many, he flows as freely as the water and moves quicker than the wind. His innate relationship with the natural world let's him lead a self-providing life as a nomad. His father, a simplistic recluse who lived in the wild, taught him the skills he would need to live off the land. When he turned of age his he was told about the world beyond. His first reaction was hurt, that there had been a world kept from him. It didn't take long for this to grow into admiration and wonder. His father gave him the choice of living the same life or the change to find his place in the savage world. He made the choice any of us would have.

Coming to New York City, integrating into society was not an easy task. He struggled to learn the social norms most adhere to, but he almost instantly picked up on the sadness. Those around him seemed more hopeless than he had ever been in the wild. He knew he would never find his place as one of them, but that wouldn't stop him from bringing them peace. Now he searches far and wide for the places that could put a smile on anyone's weary face. From New York City to Shanghai, The Pacific Islands to The Andes, The Traveler brings you the world outside your doors one Polaroid at a time.

Truth Crusader, Esoteric Master, & Illuminated High Priest of Horus
The United States of Babylonia

Anon Anon has only one concern: Truth. Above all else he is a crusader for fact whose sole mission is to destroy falsehoods. As a student of the doctrines of the Mystery Schools he has learned the meaning behind the many lies and control systems of Earth. Upon his initiation into this enlightenment he realized that his whole life he had been misled. He was born and bred to carry on the torch of the Ancient Mysteries. He was immediately filled with regret and anger. He vowed to continue to gain knowledge, and wait until the right moment to make his escape. When the moment came he fled. In a state of constant threat Anon has located himself in an undisclosed location where he fears for his life everyday.

His only solace came in the form of Grey Area Entertainment. His ideas were immediately embraced but more importantly he finally found a home within the collective. Through their partnership he found an outlet for his knowledge: The United States of Babylonia. There Anon Anon will continue to share his experiences with the unseen to share his illumination with the billions of human beings in the world hoping for a day where the word “truth” will finally mean something.